I am thinking of blogging again, after a “protracted” rest!!

Is anyone still interested in what I have to say, or should I just STFU? 🙂

After some bereavement issues, and some health problems, I thought I might expose the world (Mr & Mrs Sid Scroggins of Splottonia Heights) to my wit and wisdom again; OK wit? No? – OK “opinions” ….

As a parent, I am used to no one listening to me, so I suppose an audience is absolutely necessary. Maybe it will be cathartic (is that the right word?) and I’ll feel better afterwards? Who knows.

Anyway, I await a response – any… ONE will do! 🙂 x 

5 responses to this post.

  1. Ah go on then, I missed you moaning on (and on) (and on…) 🙂


  2. Keep going and I will continue to read your ranting. 🙂 I will be posting on your earlier blog-its worth reading and passing on.


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