Five words that may haunt this Government?


Not a long sentence, but it just could be a death sentence ?  Allow me to explain 🙂

I am a Local Government worker, and – therefore – one of the group currently being blamed for all of societies ills at present. Like most of my colleagues, I haven’t had a pay rise in over two years, and for a few years before that, the hike was less than inflation. When checking my bank statement and destroying items older than twelve months recently, I noticed that my take-home pay is actually less now than it was then. Not a huge difference, a mere few pounds per month, but LESS.

I have a mortgage, I have dependents. I also have soaring fuel bills, increased Council Tax, 20% VAT, higher food costs, etc., etc., – but you all know that, you have too. Thankfully, I don’t run a car – and I don’t smoke, nor drink a lot. My biggest “vice” is coffee, and that has shot up too!

This whole concept of a “Big Society” and of all mucking in together doesn’t sound too terrible at times. It was what got this nation through World War Two. A sense of fair play, rationing so we all got an equal share – dammit! It was almost Socialism!!

Despite the media obsession that the last government was solely responsible for the deficit, and as a non-Labour party member, even I don’t blame Gordon “if i smile you’ll be scared” Brown for a global collapse that started in the USA. New labour were blind to the failings of an economy built on speculation, but so were Major, Thatcher, Cameron and Clegg – or have we all forgotten that?

The newspapers are hardly unbiased or without their own agenda. Mr Murdoch probably pays less tax on his vast earnings than most of you, and still has the cheek to lecture us about benefit cheats and the like. Tax avoidance is legal, sadly – not for us poor sods on PAYE, but for those who have the resources to act in such a morally corrupt manner. Hell, they even change their nationality often, so how can we take lessons in the “national interest” from a man who has moved from Australian, to British, to American. Next stop, Chinese, Rupert?

No, even though it is painful and difficult; and even though I am an active Trade Unionist, I would happily submit to a pay freeze IF we were all in it together” – but we are not, are we! The bankers, many of whom carry a large responsibility for the crisis, are already paying themselves huge, eye-watering bonuses.

Northern Rock (a wholly state-owned bank) and RBS (I think we own about 80+% of that one?), both of whom made staggering loses again, paid a select few enormous bonuses. Why? To stop them leaving, we are told. Well, if their talent is for making loses and causing chaos, the sooner they bugger off the better, no?

Barclays, who weren’t bailed out directly, but who did draw considerable advantage from fiscal measures and protection afforded to their trading, have a CEO with the gall to tell a Select Committee that the time for blame is over! No it bloody well isn’t pal!

MP’s are complaining about their new expense system, barely a year after many of them were exposed as cheats, fraudsters and spivs. A few have already been convicted and sentenced to jail; a fair few others should have been, but stood down, paid back vast sums claimed for moat cleaning or duck houses, or just plain old greed. No doubt, many of them have traded on their past-lives and now have comfortable jobs and even more comfortable salaries!

We have a Cabinet, I am told, with 22 millionaires in it. How can they understand the effect of their policies upon the mass who see £30,000 as a good annual salary? It is laughable.

If we are all in this together, why aren’t we all hurting to the same degree?

Thanks for listening, and – as ever – be grateful that you can. 🙂 PK

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by carol.ivory on March 13, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Exactly my thoughts.

    I hope you post on every newspaper and political website in the land


  2. Posted by Lescromps on March 13, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Exactly what I believe most people are thinking,I think i;m right in saying most of the cabinet including the Prime Minister and Chancellor have off shore accounts in tax havens not paying UK tax,if this is true it needs exposing,the main stream media don;t have the guts to tell us the facts,and as for the opposition?? so I expect it will have to be done by Twitter and bloggers.


  3. I love every single word of this.


  4. Posted by Susan Ahluwalia on March 14, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Hi, couldn’t agree more. The coalition and the cabinet in particular have no idea what ordinary life is like. Yes, there are benefit cheats in our midst, but the majority of people living on benefits are doing so because they have no choice, and would love to be in a position to earn themselves a decent salary.
    How can millionaires possibly understand my life – I don’t understand theirs!
    How can non-disabled MPs possibly understand my life – I can remember when I was not disabled, and could work and support myself, and contribute to my living costs – now I cannot. I would love to be able to work, but I cannot. I have tried, and it hurts so much when I cannot do it. I have to grieve each time I fail, and yet I still wish I could.
    The only way I contribute now is through the internet, using blogs like this, or Twitter. At least I have an opinion and am able to still express it, even if I can’t put my knowledge and experience into physical work.
    Anyway, thanks for listening …….


  5. Great post! The UK is becoming a place where it is somehow wrong for ordinary to have a decent job and public services, and social mobility (upwards!) is very poor. The poor are NOT to blame for US-based crises, ‘speculation UK’, and an ethos where big companies screw every last penny out of people.


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